April 26, 2010

Rainbow Girl!!

Just a few sample pages from the OGN I'm working on shopping around to publishers.  I'm pretty excited about it!!!

Once Upon a Time in 1929...

A few of my favourites from my graphic novel adaptation of the classic tale: Beauty and the Beast.  There were 26 illustrated pages completed over a 12 week period for my Children's Book Illustration course taught by Dusan Petricic.  It was a little crazy to finish on top of all my other courses last semester but totally worth it to hold the bound book in the end!

The players.

Belle meets the Beast! (p 12)

Page  7/8 spread

(p 6) (p 24)

April 25, 2010

Anthology Comic Sequentials

A selection of my sequentials for the upcoming anthology comic being published by my college featuring the work of the graduating class.  Several students opted to contribute to a five chapter sequence about a girl going through a fighting game with a new opponent on each level.  The following pages (sans lettering) are part of the first chapter/level.

April 19, 2010

have a little colour...

Preston Davies in ink washes.

"Superstar" gouache.

"Starship Down" acrylics.

Ocean Project

Just a little series of paintings for my sister's wall.

April 1, 2010

Shady Lady

My sister Sinead!!  This is the final product of my first real experience with digital colouring and inking.